Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dog Training Collars

Prong or pinch collars: This is made up of metal links that fit together by connecting through long teeth that point inward toward the dog’s neck.

Choke collars: This is a length of chain with a large circular ring on either end and it is slid over the dog’s head. The collar is tightened when the dog displays an undesirable behavior.

Treat: This is a reward given to the dog while training is being done. This tool is good for those doing positive reinforcement training.

Martingale collar: This collar has only a section on it that will tighten when pulled.

Clicker: The clicker is a plastic box with a metal tongue inside of it. When the tongue is depressed and released, a clicking noise is made. It is used for positive reinforcement dog training.

Head collar: This consists of two loops. One loop goes behind the ears and the other goes over the dog’s nose and hey meets below the dog’s jaw. This tool will not teach the dog to pull on the leash because it will be difficult for the dog to do so while wearing the head collar.

Electronic Collars: These are electronic collars that are controlled by remote. The collars include: electronic shock, citronella, and audio collars. The citronella collar sprays an odor that most dogs find offensive. The audio collar emits a sound so high that humans cannot hear it and most dogs do not like the sound. The shock collar sends an electronic shock to the dog’s neck at the will of the trainer.


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